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Marine Geophysics Service



Pelorus Surveys offer a full range of marine geophysical investigations for all marine engineering and construction needs in the nearshore zone.

Remote assessment of marine sub-bottom geology can be undertaken utilising a range of techniques to provide information on the succession of materials encountered, together with the presence of utilities, debris, unexploded ordnance or wrecks.

Our flexibilty, timeliness and presentation in the field, during data processing and interpretation is a result of highly qualified experienced staff being coupled with vessels and equipment which are readily mobilised from our ample in-house resources. Tight deadlines are met because of this and tailored reports are delivered in a clear and concise format without the use of technical jargon. All project staff are trained and certified in offshore survival techniques and emergency first aid.

Combining all of this as part of our intrusive ground investigation services enables us to integrate geophysical and geotechnical results and provide a complete picture of the nearshore environment.

  • Single channel seismic reflection
  • Multi-channel seismic reflection
  • Seismic refraction profiling
  • Magnetometry/gradiometric surveys
  • Unexploded ordnance (UXO) surveys

  • Nearshore/port engineering projects
  • Pipeline & cable route surveys
  • Offshore windfarm/construction site surveys
  • Lake & reservoir silt volume calculations
  • 3D site/geology visualisation

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