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Marine environments such as merchant vessels usually operate to very tight schedules and turn around times at port, and as such rely heavily on their equipment to work first time every time. If a fault were to occur to any of the ships systems whilst under voyage it could wreak havoc with the schedule, impair safety of the vessel, decrease customer confidence, cost 000’s in lost revenue as well as the probability of more costly repairs.

IRT Consult understands the importance of putting in place an efficient Thermographic inspection programme on any vessel. We can pinpoint problem areas before they become a problem, thus allowing quick repair without any interruption to your schedule.

IRT Consult will use thermal imaging to analyse the seaworthiness of a vessel, or to see alterations which would have otherwise remained unseen.

We will identify potentially hazardous problems whilst the vessel is still berthed.

  • Alterations made to vessel structure(s)
  • Loose Electrical connections
  • Corroded Electrical connections
  • Faulty electrical components
  • Delamination in Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)
  • Osmotic Blister in Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)
  • Breakdown of Insulation
  • Blocked Pipework
  • Mechanical problems i.e. overheating bearings, damaged seals and blocked heat exchangers
  • Blocked injectors on marine engines
  • Pipework problems
  • Steam system problems i.e. Faulty Steam traps

IRT Consult Thermographers will meet your vessel at port and carry out the Thermographic survey. Since thermal imaging is carried out in real time, any anomalies/faults identified will be pointed out to the maintenance crew at time of survey and a comprehensive itemised report will be sent usually within 1-2 days of the survey.

Reports are also available for viewing online through our website using a secure customer logon which is given to the client at time of survey

A full video report of the survey can also be requested at time of survey booking at no additional cost. Our services are available worldwide through our network of offices.

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