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Marine Modelling Services


WKC utilises specialist software to predict plume geometry and mixing behaviour from a diverse range of effluent discharge types including: Industrial wastewater discharges containing conservative and non-conservative pollutants. Cooling water discharges with elevated temperatures. Desalination plant discharges with elevated brine concentrations. Dredge and drill cuttings (suspended sediments).

The modelling systems currently being used include CORMIX for near-field applications, and the GEMS suite of modelling applications for more complex or far-field situations.

The suite of 3-D GEMS modelling packages that WKC currently utilise are summarised as follows:

These modelling systems can be used in a wide variety of applications including:

  • Optimising outfall design
  • Determining regulatory compliance with mixing zone radius limits
  • Providing input into marine ecology impact assessments
  • Oil spill assessments
  • Determining dilution factors for input into discharge hazard and risk assessments

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