Marine Oils and Fish



Most environmental contaminants are fat soluble, and are taken up and accumulated by fish.

There are health-related standards for many contaminants found in fish and marine oils, including for dioxins, PCBs, PAHs and a number of different metals. In order to meet the requirements of the standards, the analytical methods used to detect contaminants must meet strict conditions, and the laboratory must be able to document the quality of its results.

NILU has extensive experience in the analysis of fish and marine oils, and has the instruments and expertise needed to detect the presence of contaminants at very low concentrations.

NILU measures a number of different compounds in fish and marine oils for different food processors and producers as a part of their quality control programmes.

NILU also conducts analyses for organic contaminants and metals in marine organisms in its role in the monitoring of coastal areas and inland lakes.

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