Materials Recycling Solutions


Many business benefits both economical and social are to be gained by deciding to recycle organic waste for the production of energy.

The benefits are realised in any size operation and are proven to be sustained

  • New product revenue streams (fuels and bi-products to sell on)
  • Income from waste collection services (the raw material you will process)
  • Sustainable cheap sources of fuel for energy production
  • Quality raw material for resale or further refinement in Bio-Gas plant
  • High conversion of raw matter into useable energy products
  • Wide range of organic waste collection sources
    • Food Manufacturing Facilities
    • Public & Municipal Organisations (urban refuse collection)
    • Leisure & Social (hotels, restaurants and fast food) Sector
  • Flexible plant design options to suit your needs
  • Process 20 - 500 tonnes per day!
  • Plants can be modified to suit growth

  1. Mechanical Handling of Raw Waste Matter (organic) 
    We take organic matter and waste from the chosen supply source (food manufacture waste / agricultural waste / leisure industry / landfill and process this through a specially engineered processing plant starting with the separation of liquids from the solid matter.
  2. Shredding of Organic and Synthetic Solid Matter
    The solids are shredded through a series of units that break down the materials into smaller matter. This includes the processing of non organic matter like packaging, metals and other foreign bodies. During these stages of shredding, the process becomes finer with each stage. Water is added to the process to help organic matter dissolve for separation. As the shredding becomes finer, it becomes easier to finally separate the synthetic materials from the finished organic materials we want for further processing in our Bio-Gas plant. Donasonic will design and manufacture shredding units specifically for your requirement.
  3. Separation of Dissolved Organic & Solid Synthetic Matter
    As water is added to the process to help organic matter partially dissolve for separation, the drum sieves allow organic material to pass through and leave the unwanted non organic matter is segregated. The drum sieves are specifically designed by Donasonic for the particular materials you are likely to process. It is in this processing line that other safeguards can be introduced like the detection & removal of metal.
    This process also reduces the size of the organic particle matter which is more efficient to process and results in a more refined product with no impurities as it enters the next stage in the process.
  4. Homogenising - Refining the Organic Matter for Use as a Bio-Product
    We are nearly at a stage where we can use the recycled waste we have processed. This process now breaks down the matter into very small pieces which is easier and more efficient for handling. After the matter is broken down to this level, it is pumped under very high pressure through a fine sieve (Crossflow) unit. We now have only organic material, completely free of synthetic waste.
  5. Hygienisation - Sanitation of our Bio-Product
    As waste matter is originally collected from a range of sources e.g. slaughter, agriculture, animal waste etc, it is required to be sanitised before it can be used as bio-fertiliser. The organic matter is heat treated to a regulatory standard resulting in a clean product free from dangerous bacteria and safe to use directly as it is for fertiliser or Bio-Gas plant feedstock. Created entirely from general organic waste. Our process separates all the unwanted materials

A solution for waste recycling and creating new fuel sources!

Our particular recycling technology is brand new. Similar installations in Europe are proving to be highly cost effective and offering a huge return on investment and solves the important issues of waste management and recycling.

Our concept is perfect for the expanding environment in Asia, where the need to recycle more waste AND create new sources of energy are crucial for future sustained growth.

The Donasonic concept addresses both of these points and provides a solid business model for sustained profits and growth...

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