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Not every project falls under the umbrella of the standard environmental methodology. Unlike many commercial laboratories, Eurofins Air Toxics maintains a Method Development group to assist clients in specialized projects. Eurofins Air Toxics invests considerable resources in order to provide cutting-edge technical solutions to our clients.

  • Measurement of pptv levels of methoxypyrazine compounds in indoor air using a sorbent-based method
  • Determination of trace levels of Chlordane Pesticides and Aroclors in soil vapor using a sorbent-based method
  • Identification of odor-causing VOCs from waste-water and process streams
  • Determination of VOC mass adsorbed onto charcoal filters at a SVE unit
  • Identification of trace contaminants in an aerosol product
  • Measurement of Hexachlorocyclopentadiene in soil vapor
  • Determination of VOCs and SVOCs emissions from materials at elevated temperatures using micro-scale chambers

In addition to the custom methods, the Eurofins Air Toxics team invests significant resources in evaluating the performance of passive sorbent samplers for long-term environmental monitoring. Not only have we conducted internal studies, we have partnered with clients and also participated in EPA and DoD-funded studies to investigate advantages and limitations of various passive sampler configurations for VOC and SVOC measurements. The laboratory maintains a set of environmental chambers to generate VOC-specific sampling rates to support the passive sampler methods.

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