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- Ecosystem Restoration Solutions


Ecological Laboratories’ combined educated technical knowledge of the environmental process allows the company the ability to address and resolve a wide range of difficult to resolve environmental problems to include, but not limited to aquatic ecosystem water restoration, the enhancement of wastewater processes, soil bioremediation, agriculture soil and plant enhancement. These unique capabilities are the result of Ecological Laboratories' Environmental Team undergoing rigorous in-house education training that combines their university knowledge with a full understanding of practical environmental processes achieved through real world exposure to factors responsible for the causes of difficult to resolve environmental problems.


ELI’s technology restores ecosystem by promoting a more rapid removal of organic waste matter combined with the recycling of nutrients achieving a natural recovery process.

This technology restores water quality, recycles nutrients, reduces bottom solids, reduces odorous gases, controls and eliminates pathogens and reduces or controls green water events that lead to eutrophic conditions.

A novel technology that restores aquatic ecosystems via biological processes, achieving water detoxification by natural microbial reduction of waste matter, with assured nitrification and denitrification for natural biological organic and nutrient control.


MICROBE-LIFT® Technology for the 100% natural restoration of health, quality, and ecological balance to polluted waterways including:

  • Ponds
  • Rivers & Streams
  • Retention Ponds
  • Estuaries
  • Municipal Waterways
MICROBE-LIFT®Technology is the best choice for achievement of:
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Environmental Safety
  • Superior Biological Sludge Removal
  • Toxins & Pollutants Removal
  • Elimination of Odor
  • Restoration of Aquatic Life
  • Digestion & Recycling of Organic Wastes

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