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Ecological Laboratories Inc. has developed a series of bacterial cultures to enhance the biological breakdown process in industrial and municipal wastewater systems. MICROBE-LIFT® IND Series liquid and dry cultures are culture concentrates designed specifically for use in wastewater systems to achieve rapid startup, rapid recovery from upsets, the optimum level of system performance and improved system stability.

  • Rapid Startup & System Recovery
  • Improves Solids Settling & Reduces Sludge
  • Reduces BOD, COD and TSS in Final Effluent
  • Improves Nitrification
  • Improves Cold Weather Performance
  • Solves your most difficult waste management problems when used in a controlled maintenance program.
  • Significantly Reduces Waste Odors

  • Reduces Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Digests Solid Organic Wastes & Fats - Oils - Grease (FOG)
  • Reduces Organic Dyes in Textile Plants.
  • Degrades Hydrocarbons
  • Improves WWTP Capacity.
  • Helps Establish and Improve Nitrification
  • Reduces Corrosion through Hydrogen Sulfide Removal

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  1. By Danny Lee on

    Best microbial product in the market