RPC (Research and Productivity Council)

Mineral Process Development & Testing


RPC's Process and Environmental Technology Department offers a broad range of services to the mining sector including bioleaching, hydrometallurgy and pyrometallurgy. We have a well-equipped pilot plant and extensive experience in all aspects of extractive metallurgy. Our environmental services include characterization and testing of acid producing rock, tailings and hazardous wastes and asbestos identification. Our mineral processing services include crushing, sizing, grinding, gravity separation and flotation. Our acid-rock drainage service line offerings include acid-base accounting, humidity cell and lysimeter testing, and large-scale project management capabilities. One area in which we specialize is in mineral process development. We evaluate the potential to recover valuable metals from a wide range of ore deposits using new and existing technologies. We have particular strength in bacterial leaching ('bioleach') for recovery of metal values from low grade or refractory raw materials.

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