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Mining Industry Overview: The Value Engineered Solutions which Soil Solutions provides to the Mining Industry for soil stabilization, road construction, dust and erosion control have become an intrinsic part of Mine Haul Roads, Access Roads, Staging Areas, Plant Areas, Mine Tailings, Stock Piles, Crushing Plants and Transfer Points.

Soil Solutions is a leader in the Mining Industry and has a solid track record and reputation for providing sustainable, effective and economical turnkey services including, but not limited to, civil engineering & design, soil mechanics and materials analysis, life cycle cost analysis, consultation, environmental assessments, water analysis/use, construction supervision, specialized design and manufacturer of application equipment, maintenance programs and on-site training.

Our unique “hands-on” approach, from site evaluation to the conclusion of construction, enables us to design tailor-made solutions in sync with the clients’ requirements.

Soil Solutions delivers Value Engineered Solutions to the Mining Industry which increase work cycles, provide safer environments and reduced environmental impact, thus helping to bridge the challenges of mining and environment.

Mine Haul Roads represent the highest capital expenditure requirement. The entire productivity of a mining operation is dependent upon the condition of its roads.

Soil Solutions provides an array of important solutions for the Mining and Oil industries with respect to the construction and maintenance of Mine Haul and Access Roads. The combined technologies under our Intelligent Road Solutions provide the mining industry with engineered and specific products that address the challenges of Mine Haul Roads from initial construction to maintenance and dust control.

Dynamic Compaction

the in-situ deep high energy compaction process which reduces cost of materials and substantially reduces the cost of traditional cut to fill layers as this process significantly increases the strength of the wearing course and base layers. Dynamic Compaction delivers a high impact force of up to 25kJ in pressure which is vertically placed on the surface on the in-situ soil with a depth influence of 2 meters or more while improving the subgrade material through the increase of soil density.

In addition, the locations of suitable borrow pit materials, the excavation, loading, hauling and placement all add to increased construction costs. By incorporating the use of Dynamic Compaction machines into the construction of roads or rails and port facilities will allow for a substantial decrease in the cost of the traditional cut to fill layers and can render a savings up to 60% or more of the cost of construction as well as the cost of crushing and screening of selected materials.

The utilization of Dynamic Compaction in a roadbed significantly increases the strength of the wearing course and base layers of conventional roads, gravel roads and mine haul roads in addition to airport runways and railroad layer works in a shorter period of time – the reduction in time which is another important benefit to the mining industry.

Traditionally the depth of influence of standard steel drum, sheep’s foot or grid rollers have a depth of influence in the region of 50 to 200 mm’s, therefore limiting the maximum amount of material that can be processed in a given period of time. The incorporation of Dynamic Compaction delivers a high-energy impact force of up to 25 kJ in pressure which is vertically placed on the surface of the in situ soil with a depth of influence of up to 2 m or more while improving the sub grade material by shearing the particles and increasing soil density which will present ingress of water which is one of the primary causes of sub grade settlement.

Once the Road Surface is Compacted , the layer works can begin, incorporating EBS – Soil Stabilizer for Impressive Results.

Mine Haul Road Construction, Soil Works, Base Layer Construction and Wearing Course

Due to the type, weight and volume of traffic that Mining Haul and Access Roads are required to withstand, the initial layer works is an important part of the construction process. The addition of EBS Soil Stabilizer to the layer work process will ensure that the strength of the material is achieved, and that the layers are then sealed for added strength and protection from erosion.

The integration of EBS into the layer works process as well as the wearing course and surface seal will ensure a cost reduction due to the decreased amount of imported aggregate and cement. The EBS Surface Seal application will ensure long term and substantial cost savings as it will preserve the road surface thereby negating the requirement for routine grading and constant watering. Once applied as a surface seal EBS will literally provide a protective sealed layer protecting the road surface from erosion, crack formation, run off, while providing a dust free surface that ensures improved visibility. The initial EBS Surface Seal application will perform for 12 + months, during which time no additional watering is required. After the initial 12 months a maintenance application of 50% of the original amount is applied.

A life cycle costing will demonstrate the significant cost savings and water reduction use that will be realized.

Soil Solutions through its exclusive product and technologies offerings provides the Mining Industry with alternative and better solutions for the challenges faced.

Soil Solutions provides a long term, sustainable, environmentally safe, and cost effective solution for the suppression of dust on access and Haul Roads.

EBS applied as a surface seal will provide:

  • Effective Dust Control
  • Significant Water Usage Savings
  • Improved Work Cycles
  • Decreased Tyre Wear
  • Decreased Vehicle Maintenance
  • Reduced Road Maintenance cost as no Grading Required
  • Improved Visibility
  • Safer Driving Conditions
  • Reduction of Future and Closure Liabilities
  • Environmental Compliance PM10 and PM2.5

Application of EBS is simple and very effective. EBS is diluted with water in accordance with the recommended Application and Dilution Rates. EBS is added to a Water Tanker, and applied on a prepared surface.
One EBS Surface Seal Application can last up to 24 months . This high performance level is what sets EBS far above any other products available. Annual Applications result in significantly reduced costs, vehicle maintenance and water use.

A EBS Sealed Road Surface will be protected from erosion, runoff, and provide excellent visibility.

Durasolution Dust Control for Mine Haul Roads

For Mine Haul Roads, Plant Areas, Pit Roads, or any where tracked vehicles are being used – Durasolution provides the answer for Dust Control.

Durasolution is a crystal clear perpetual wetting agent which when applied will wick the soil particles continuously providing dust control. Applied neat, requiring no water or dilution Durasolution can be applied in any climate or temperature and acts as an excellent compaction aid especially in sandy soils. Durasoution is environmentally safe, PM10 and PM 2.5 compliant, and will guarantee a significant decrease in water use.

When dust control has become a real challenge, particularly in open pit and underground mining areas or where tracked vehicles such as excavators and drilling equipment are in use, then there is only one solution – Durasolution. This technologically superior and exceptionally effective dust suppressant has consistently proved its efficiency in the most challenging, heavy duty applications of underground mine and open cast mining operations.

Durasolution Dust Control for Mine Haul Roads Durasolution is a non-slippery, crystal clear, odorless, environmentally compliant, sustainable compaction aid and wetting agent that is the most effective dust abatement solution available on the market today. Soil Solutions’ proprietary formulation performs continuously and remains unaffected by the pernicious effects of rain and wind. This advanced technology can be applied in wet and freezing conditions, which enhances its appeal and scope. The ability of Durasolution to safely and immediately reduce dust while increasing the efficiency of vehicles and equipment, extend tire life and improve road stability are added benefits. With Durasolution you are assured of success in every dust abatement program without inhibiting or hindering operations.

The management of Mine Tailings is a critical part of any mining operation, and form a mining operations largest liability. Therefore effective management is critical, as long after the mining operations may have ceased the Tailings remain. To minimize current and future liabilities, Soil Solutions has devised a number of specialized applications for use on Mine Tailings, which will improve the integrity of the structures, reduce the amount of water used, and eliminate dust.

The challenges associated with tailings storage are always increasing. Advances in technology allow lower grade ores to be exploited, which generate higher volumes of waste that require safe storage. Environmental regulations are also advancing, placing more stringent requirements on the mining industry, particularly with regard to tailings storage practices and dust containment.

This ultimately places added pressure on the owners and operators of a tailings facility who carry out the day to day roles of tailings discharge and water management. The majority of historical tailings related incidents have been influenced by poor day to day management, and the over use of water coupled with effects of increased rainfall.

Soil Solutions provides short, medium and long term sustainable solutions with respect to effective dust control and remediation on mine tailings and residue deposits, which will improve the integrity of the tailings structure, without the continuous use of water or expensive and ineffective irrigation systems.

Effective Tailings management will ensure decreased liability, environmental compliance, decreased effect on neighbouring communities, and an over all decreased environmental impact.

As with all projects Soil Solutions will provide specifically engineered solutions for your dust control and remediation of tailings which will take into consideration a number of prevailing factors including:

  • Tailings Deposition Schedule
  • Direction of Prevailing Wind
  • Buttress
  • Sides and Slopes
  • Beach Areas
  • Accessibility
  • Existing Condition
  • Current Erosion Problems
  • Life of Tailings and Remediation Plan

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