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We dig deeper into the waste stream. It’s a new world for MSW, where diversion targets continue to grow to unprecedented levels. BHS leads the way with the first recovery system in the industry to keep 70% of waste out of the landfill, capturing 90%-99% of high value commodities like PET plastics — on the first pass. With numbers like these, you are guaranteed to stay ahead of your competition

Recovery rates like this, at the high throughput rates demanded by today’s waste industry, requires innovation, experience, and engineering expertise. Our patented MSW sorting process separates us from the competition as clearly as it separates commodities from the waste stream. This innovation will take your business to a whole new level of profitability.

Our flagship MSW recovery system in San Jose, CA was the first in the industry to achieve this rate with virtually no recyclables left to go to the landfill. This was so successful that the City of San Jose has directed 100% of its commercial waste to our next facility, a 110 tph system capable of handling four distinct material types at recovery rates in excess of 75%.

Our patented technology separates us and our customers from all competition.

Whether you’re after valuable commodities, RDF, or compost; let our field-proven systems sort out your next project. And rely on our Priority Support team to ensure that your system continues to operate at peak performance.

The way we see it, there’s great potential to change the way communities and private processors manage Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). BHS is leading the industry with our patented MSW sorting systems by achieving increasingly higher levels of diversion and capture of materials for reuse instead of disposal. To us, there’s nothing better than bringing our vision to life—one city at a time.

Our MSW Systems set industry records by consistently recovering more than 70% of recyclable and compostable material from municipal solid waste, and by capturing more than 90% of high value commodities like PET plastics and aluminum cans. Our patented process – which combines multiple sorting technologies – saves resources, time and money. Our systems also reduce carbon emissions and traffic congestion by facilitating local processing and by greatly reducing the amount of waste being transported to distant landfills.

We applaud our customers for being forward-thinking stewards of the environment. It is only with their commitment that we are able to successfully implement the crossover to more efficient and sustainable processes. In return for their investment, we provide them with long-term solutions and support – ultimately reducing their costs and lessening the environmental impact of their operations. Industry leaders that partner with BHS are working to bring significant MSW diversion to reality and are leading the way to ultimately harness the energy value contained in the waste stream.

Our patented technology eliminates the need for manual bag openers by using large, counterrotating drums to effectively open bags and release content. It is designed to process materials without damaging the high value commodities inside, and is easy to retrofit into existing facilities.

The Nihot Drum Separator uses controlled air to separate materials both in terms of material density and shape. It consists of a recirculation fan, a connecting expansion chamber, a separation section with rotating drum, and dust filtration for clean operations. It’s the best separating solution based on the density of material and operates at capacities up to 50 tph of MSW material.

The unique shape and configuration of our hardened steel discs create precise openings for accurate material sizing. Our in-line design prevents jamming and wrapping typical to traditional disc configuration and is remarkably effective at removing organic rich fines from the material stream. Aggressive agitation and precise material separation make this the most efficient screen in the industry.

Our Polishing Screen DRS is the industry’s most effective separator of fiber and containers. Our patented in-line disc design virtually eliminates material wrapping, enhances safety and maximizes screening efficiency. Its hydraulicallyadjustable deck angle and variable speed drives allow for fast adjustments.

Our optical technology uses color sensing technology to rapidly identify unique polymers signatures from their infrared spectra and determine their colors. The identified containers are accurately separated at high efficiency and low product loss by NRT’s proven mass sort system.

The Spydir ™ is an advanced infrared sorting system that separates selected polymers from a mixed stream. Typical applications are recovery and sorting of polymers such as PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS and aseptic containers. Operatorselected polymers are precisely separated at high efficiency and low product loss by NRT’s proven mass sort system.

Our ergonomic, lowmaintenance conveyors are custom manufactured to meet your exact needs. They feature emergency pull-cords on sort belts, rolled edges, energyefficient motors, load support rails and more to effectively increase transport productivity.

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