Municipal Waste Water Treatment Plant Construction



The growth of urban population around the world, together with the ever increasing shortage in safe and clean potable water, enlarges the pressure on governments and municipalities to utilize every possible water source and eliminate the hazards to public health caused by polluted water and untreated municipal wastewater.

GES brings its vast 30 years of experience as a solution provider, supplying full scope of engineering, construction and operation services, to the global municipal market. Utilizing advanced process technology development capabilities and knowhow, strong financial capacities and highly trained operations and management teams, GES provides its customers with full scope of services related to wastewater treatment facilities – from advanced process design, through high quality construction to long term operation and maintenance in line with regulatory requirements. GES is spearheading implementing the most advanced cutting-edge environmentally friendly wastewater treatment process technologies in support of efficient, cost effective management of large scale treatment plants, which cover all aspects of the wastewater treatment process, including; Pretreatment technologies, Biological treatment processes, Tertiary processes, Filtration, Disinfection, Sludge treatment and Sludge removal processes enabling water reuse for either irrigation or industrial purposes.

GES implements the most advanced monitoring and remote control technologies to its wastewater treatment plant designs to ensure that the plant operates in compliance with the required public health and water quality standards. GES builds Turn-Key, BOT, BOOT or BOO new wastewater treatment plants, retrofits and enlarges existing plants, and provides Operation and Maintenance services via TK, PPP, BOT and other types of contracts.

GES wastewater treatment plants operation costs are highly competitive; this is achieved via the company’s capacity of interdisciplinary data transfer between its engineering and operations departments. This enables the operation of the water treatment plants to be based on optimal design, advanced technology and top level personnel; all contributing together to the competitive edge of GES in the market.

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