Nationwide Line Stopping Service


TTS is your one stop for complete line stopping services. We can install and stop in your water treatment plant, waste water treatment plant and provide support with your water treatment process. Our Line Stopping Service uses special Pipe Plugging Machines to achieve temporary mechanical flow stops on an operating pipeline. Mechanical Line Stops can be used to plug piping systems for repair, alterations, or relocations. Temporary Mechanical Line Plugs can also be configured with bypass piping around the plugged section of pipe to be repaired, allowing for uninterrupted product / system flow.

Single Line Stop
Double Line Stop With Bypass Piping
Single Line Stop With New Pipe Relocation
Double Line Stop_Bottom - End New Pipe Relocation

TTS can perform a single or double line stop to pipes 4' to 48' in diameter (larger sizes available upon request) and enable pipelines and plant piping systems to be isolated for repairs or additions without causing an interruption in service or loss of products. Our line stop services are used in petrochemical plants, refineries, power plants, municipal water districts, hospitals, steel mills, and pipeline operating companies.


Capabilities & Typical Applications

  • Prevent shutdowns
  • New construction tie-ins
  • Installation of by-pass systems
  • Pressures up to 150 psig
  • Pipe Repair
  • Valve Repair
  • Decommission of piping
  • Isolate pressure vessels
  • Line stops over 150 psig available upon request

TTS offers contract services for line-tapping, line stoping and valve insertions. Contracted services can make sound economic sense and should be strongly considered when in-house expertise and/or equipment is not available. We offer contract services for a mutually agreed upon fixed cost basis. And we accept turn-key, one source responsibility for the services on a project. With a manufacturing background, knowledge and experience, the company has performed contract line stopping and line tapping services on a continuous basis since 1997.

We offer line tapping services for pipe diameters through 48-inches as standard. With special arrangements and pre-planning, 60-inch taps can be performed. Additionally, we offer line stopping services through 36-inches and with pre-planning, 54-inch diameter stops can be done.

Clients naturally prefer to deal with a solid, dependable company that will provide excellent service, whether it involves a purchased product or a contracted service. At TTS we are proud to provide localized services throughout the country, we are undertand our customers' needs and we respond quickly.
Our reputation has been maintained with innovative thinking and engineering concepts, providing our customers with dependable equipment and reliable services at the lowest possible cost.

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