Environmental industry Services near Kosovo

  • Consectetur Adipiscing Services

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    By Green Energy Technologies (GET) based in Prishtinë, KOSOVO.

  • Mapping and Remote Sensing Services

    Digital 2D mapping. Digital 3D mapping. Mobile mapping. Forestry mapping. Agriculture mapping.  Mining and geology mapping. Satellite imagery interpretation and classification. Land cover and land usage maps. Identification and delineate of forest types. Monitoring. Watershed management.

    By Geo&Land Office in Prishtinë, KOSOVO.

  • GIS and Software Development Services

    Data acquisition, digitisation. Data management and maintenance. Data conversion / integration. Data validation / processing. Data analyses / evaluations. GIS project management. System integration (EAI). Data and services hosting / mash-up. Development/programming of geo components. Design of geo infrastructures. GIS operation (outsourcing). GIS ...

    By Geo&Land Office in Prishtinë, KOSOVO.

  • Validation & Services

    Regular servicing, maintenance and validation of equipment or facility ensures safety in use and longer life of equipment. Service in a cleanroom area means maintaining the facility and equipment by validating the equipment and complete cleanroom space.

    By Klimaoprema d.d. Office in Prishtina, KOSOVO.

  • Hydraulic Structures

    Hydraulic Structures are main topics of our water engineering services. They are often big and complex and demands knowledge of several fields of civil engineering. GEING Krebs und Kiefer International, offers multidisciplinary teams that have knowledge and experience and therefore can provide detailed services for a various types of structures: ...

  • Geotechnical Investigations Services

    Geotechnical Investigations are usual start of a typical geotechnical engineering project. It comprises set of activities in order to gain knowledge of ground (soil, rock, fault distribution and bedrock) properties on and below an area in or on which the engineering will take place. Since unsatisfactory ground properties can heavily impact the ...

  • Engineering Survey

    GEING Krebs und Kiefer International provides complete engineering survey services. Our teams are utilizing the most modern technologies such as electronic total stations, GPS systems and computer-aided mapping/GIS software from world most known brends. Fully equipped and experienced, our surveyors give impressive credibility to our various ...

  • Transportation Engineering

    As transport operations in our country and in the world grows with enormous tempo, there is constant need of development of new and rehabilitation of existing transport ways. Our Transportation engineering solutions aims toward fulfilling safe, comfortable, sustainable and environmental friendly requirements of transportation facilities such as ...

  • Premium

    Product Support Services

    Although our products are simple and easy to use, Casella realises there are times when you may need a helping hand. The Casella Product Support team can provide you with support on Casella software, hardware and with general application knowledge. The team are always on hand should you need support and regularly communicate with other departments ...

    By Casella Distributor in Skopje, MACEDONIA.

  • Laboratory and Examinations

    The Laboratory for ecological examinations is accredited by the Institute for accreditations of the Republic of Macedonia compatible with the standard MKS ISO/IEC 17025:2006. Tehnolab’s laboratory is very proud of the quality of the services provided to its clients. At the same time, the laboratory permanently works on upgrading and ...

    By Tehnolab Ltd based in Skopje, MACEDONIA.

  • Occupational Safety and Health

    Tehnolab is one of the first companies in R. Macedonia to acquire Authorization from the Ministry of labor and social policy to perform expert actions in the occupational safety and health field. The team in the occupational safety and health department, consists of 8 engineers with passed OSH technical exam.

    By Tehnolab Ltd based in Skopje, MACEDONIA.

  • Environmental Safety

    Tehnolab’s Environmental safety department has a long experience in the environmental safety area. Tehnolab has an Authorization from the Ministry of environment and physical planning for performing expert actions in the area of environmental safety. The multidiscipline team from the Environmental safety department consists of experts for ...

    By Tehnolab Ltd based in Skopje, MACEDONIA.

  • Electrical Wire Shredding Services

    The increasing demand for raw materials places the processing of electrical wires amongst the applications of greatest interest and profitability on the recycling market. The necessity to obtain high qualitative levels from the products being output requires exclusive designs in order to ensure a shredding and separation process able to produce ...

    By Forrec srl Office in Prokuplje, SERBIA.

  • Wood Grinding Services

    The recycling of wood has a very important role in the reuse of the same for industrial purposes or use for the production of renewable energy. In both cases the quality of the grinding and the purity of the material is fundamental, which must be free of metals and other contaminants.

    By Forrec srl Office in Prokuplje, SERBIA.

  • Scrap Metal Shredders Services

    The processing of scrap metal is strongly related to steelworks and, therefore, it becomes fundamental to deliver uniform material with a high specific weight. Forrec scrap metal shredders are perfect parallel to shearing machines for volume reduction, hence qualifying the material as shovelable, but are also applicable upstream of the hammer ...

    By Forrec srl Office in Prokuplje, SERBIA.

  • Paper Shredding Services

    The processing of paper involves two main applications: shredding to improve pressing and the destruction of confidential documents. The possibility to use shredders, grinders or granulators to deal with individual necessities allows Forrec to develop solutions that are suitable for both cases. Reducing the size of the paper allows for a post ...

    By Forrec srl Office in Prokuplje, SERBIA.

  • Spare Parts And Maintenance

    Forrec is equipped with its own warehouse which is over __ square metres. Forrec is in a position to guarantee the immediate availability of most spare parts. The partnership developed over the years with qualified and trustworthy suppliers guarantee, in this case, a quick resolution for any type of problem.

    By Forrec srl Office in Prokuplje, SERBIA.

  • Recycling Of Plastic

    The world of recycling plastic imposes very strict standards in terms of the uniformity and cleanliness of the material to be sent for transformation. Consistent pieces, separation from metallic particles, washing and the uniformity of categories are some of the elements that give added value to the “ground material”. The ...

    By Forrec srl Office in Prokuplje, SERBIA.

  • Processing and Recycling Tyres Services

    The disposal of disused tyres is a very current topic. The three processing alternatives allow for different solutions: The first stage allows to obtain a reduction in size (tyre crumb) with the purpose of reducing the volumes in order to facilitate warehousing or to be used for energy production as an alternative combustible. The same can be said ...

    By Forrec srl Office in Prokuplje, SERBIA.

  • Premium

    Rental Equipment Services

    AEREON continually strives to offer our clients the most flexible and cost effective solutions for gas and vapor management in the industry. Once the solution is identified, AEREON can work out a purchase, lease or rental agreement that best meets your needs. (Lease/rental agreements available on standard products only).

    By AEREON Distributor in Policoro, MONTENEGRO.

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