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New Landfill Construction Services

Landfill is a way which allows solid waste to have its natural and accelerated degradation process on its impermeable surface with controlling gas and leachate easily without causing damage to natural resources.

  1. Site selection is done with considering the Regulation of Solid Waste Control. Then Environmental impact assessment (EIA) Report is prepared for the construction site.
  2. Clay layer acts as a first impermeable layer and prevents any leakage to groundwater. Some laboratory tests are performed to understand compatibility of the clay then the site is leveled and compressed up to reach maximum 10-9 m/sec permeability and minimum 1m thickness (for municipal landfills of the Turkey).
  3. If there is no suitable clay around the site, Bentonite is laid out which is a self-sealing barrier with a composite structure that utilizes the strength of millions of needle-punched fibres to secure a uniform layer of high swelling sodium bentonite.
  4. High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Geomembrane is used in landfills to obstruct leachate to reach groundwater and other natural resources. The subgrade material is placed and compacted such that the geomembrane will be in continuous contact with the layer and the geomembrane is not stretched or bridged over hollows or humps. Operation of construction plant directly on the installed liner is not permitted.
  5. Individual sections are joined by means of extrusion or hot wedge welding in an overlap seam. Seams should be made only by skilled and experienced operators using methods specified by the manufacturer. Prior to installation of the geomembrane, trial welds are carried out to confirm the suitability of the proposed welding techniques and equipment. All field seams are non-destructively tested over their full length using a vacuum test, spark test, or air pressure test (for double fusion seams only) or other approved method.
  6. Geotextiles are manufactured from polypropylene or polyethylene virgin, non recycled, stable fibres and be in the form of permeable membranes. Geotextile is used to protect Geomembrane.
  7. All geotextiles is overlapped and continuously sewn or thermally bonded without spot sewing. Any holes or tears in the geotextile are repaired using a patch made from the same Geotextile thermally bonded and sewn into place overlapped in all directions.
  8. Leachate Collection System interconnecting pipework is connected to leachate collection tank with main and secondary pipes placed regarding to the Pipe Arrangement Plan. Perforated Pipes are ordered in the maximum lengths available to minimize the number of joints.
  9. Leachate collection pipes are surrounded by a 16/32 mm particle size (i.e. no fines) non-calcareous gravel annular pack.
  10. Gas funnels are constructed in landfills to extract gas comprised after dumping.
  11. Leachate collection pipes collect the leachate consisted from the waste dumped and rain and bring to the pond.
  12. A very wide range of treatment processes have been applied to leachate treatment with varying success. CEVKA Construction Co. Ltd. offers most useful process with considering local regulations.

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