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Occupational Health and Safety Audits Services



In general, an audit assesses if an organization’s programs and procedures comply with regulatory requirements, effectively prevent problems, and provide a system for emergency response and corrective action where a health risk has been identified. Often, a senior or highly qualified Industrial Hygienist is needed in order to effectively evaluate complex programs such as Air Containment Control Ventilation, Respiratory Protection or Ergonomics. In other cases, expertise in chemistry, health physics or engineering may be necessary.

  • Full Program Audit
    A full program audit examines every aspect of the organization and the work environment. It will often include both safety and health issues. Policy, Organization, Responsibility, Authority, site inspection, Qualifications, Written Programs are all part of the Program Audit.
  • Specific Program Element Audits
    Often as a result of a full program audit or a regulatory citation (for example, an OSHA citation), the need to address a specific program such as Respiratory Protection, Hazard Communication, Hearing Conservation, Confined Space, Ergonomics, or just regulatory compliance, is identified. We can audit existing programs, define ways to correct deficiencies and develop new programs. We can assist companies with OSHA citation protests by correcting and preventing issues.

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