Coastline Surveys Limited (CSL)

Coastline Surveys Limited (CSL)

Oceanographic Surveying & Environmental Monitoring


Environmental Impact Assessments are playing an ever increasing role in marine resource management, especially in the extractive and waste disposal industries. Local and national authorities and public and private industry are increasingly required to monitor impacts on the environment ranging from measuring discharge of pollutants into watercourses, contamination of sediments, interference with benthic processes, to alteration of flow patterns caused by waterside construction projects. Coastline Surveys can implement appropriate monitoring and sampling programmes. These may range from an appraisal of contamination of lake or marine sediments and/or the water column over the short term, to identifying erosion and deposition on riverbeds, beaches and seabeds over a longer period. Data can be obtained by Coastline Surveys on water, salinity, temperature and conductivity, current and wave patterns and tidal flow movements to complement full marine and riverine environmental studies.

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