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Odor Control Services


AgriAir purifiers will rid the air of volatile organic substances that may be associated with indoor growing operations. Our line of air purifiers is designed to remove odors and sanitize the air by destroying contaminants at the source, not masking them. Available in a variety of models that are designed to suit any commercial operation. Large or small-scale grow, AgriAir has a purifier designed to meet your garden’s demands.Indoor cultivation always gives the grower the upper hand. In indoor growing, you have the full control of the environment for your plants. Light, water, nutrients, temperature and humidity can all be controlled. However, you also need to control the odor of plants growing indoors.

A major concern that any indoor grower can experience is the smell of plants remaining in the grow room during some stages of growth. Because consideration of neighbors and the security of the operation are important to any responsible grower, it is important to use equipment that controls the strong odors that may be produced. Our purifiers eliminate odors in a natural everyday process without the use of carbon filters, which require frequent replacement.

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