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Maritime Protective Services (MPS) offers 24/7/365 security regimes to companies operating offshore and coastal facilities in volatile and security risk regions that are integrated into their Safety Management Systems. Our objective is to put in place a tiered Total Security Solution, as opposed to dealing with only part of the problem. This includes the development of site security plans specific to the operation and management security plans specific to the company policies. Physical early warning and layered defense response measures with real time communication systems allows for effective responses to be made on the ground addressing local security concerns and the implementation of sound security measures and procedures that, even if breached, would stand up to outside scrutiny when being dealt with at corporate management level.

We will develop and implement a security infrastructure that is fully integrated and compatible with all disciplines of the ISPS Code, SOLAS Amendments 2002, and the security implementation methods currently deployed within the company both onshore and offshore in the country of operation. Decisions made upon notice of a security breach or incident must be decisive and based on factual events. To this end, MPS endorse the use of layered security plans that dovetail into each other from the operating site to the company headquarters both locally and overseas. This permits the relevant corporate response to any given security incident at all levels, enabling continued operations until impractical to do so and in the event of a hostile boarding maintains the safety of all personnel on site over long periods. Poor reaction and overreaction can be both damaging and costly.

As the ISPS Code and company safety policies clearly focus beyond management level to the individual employee onboard a facility, MPS also addresses security policies in the workforce to develop a practical maritime security culture mindset through education and training at all levels that is integrated across the company Security Management System. In the event of a security incident, employees should consider they are part of the solution and not just part of the problem. We will also provide specialist crisis management services to manage the recovery process of security incidents that can be tailored to meet specific client expectations and requirements. This Crisis Management Training for senior management in implementing strategies to deal with those emergencies is designed specifically to maximize business resilience by countering the security threats and challenges of the 21st Century.

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