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If you need to measure volatile compounds in soil samples or mud logging streams, and slow analysis isn’t an option, this solution routinely detects and quantifies 20 compounds down to tens of parts per billion level, every 10 seconds.

Key benefits

  • Little or no sample preparation.
  • Each analysis simultaneously profiles multiple compounds – you decide how many.
  • Easy instrument and analysis set up, even for technicians.
  • Automated calibration and validation procedures ensure reliable analysis.
  • Lower cost per analysis than alternative, slower technologies.
  • The instrument and analysis can be located on site, in a laboratory, or in a vehicle.
  • Support from our global network of distributors and service agents minimizes downtime.

How it works
For soil samples

  1. Place a 50 to 100 g soil sample in an airtight container, ensuring the container has some headspace.
  2. Allow the headspace to reach equilibrium.
  3. Using the instrument’s sample inlet needle, pierce the container and take a headspace sample.
  4. Interim results are displayed in real time. Final results are displayed after about one minute, depending on the number of compounds analyzed.

For mud logging

  1. The instrument is located at the drilling rig.
  2. Samples from the mud logging stream are taken and processed as normal, including drying.
  3. A dynamic dilution rig standardizes the sample.
  4. Samples are analyzed as often as required. Analysis can be continuous.
  5. Data is output in real time for further analysis.

Typical compounds measured

  1. C1-C8 straight chain hydrocarbons.
  2. C4-C8 iso hydrocarbons.
  3. Aromatic and aliphatic C5 and C6 cyclic hydrocarbons.
  4. C1-C3 mercaptans.

Required equipment

  • Voice 200 instrument.
  • Airtight, inert containers (for analysis of soil samples).
  • A dynamic dilution rig (for analysis of mud logging streams).
  • Standard gas drying and processing equipment (for analysis of mud logging streams).

Optional equipment

  • LabSyft software suite, to develop customized analysis applications.
  • Vehicle mounting kit, to install the instrument in a vehicle.
  • A computer, for network connection and remote operation and support.
  • Specialized sample inlets, to integrate analysis with proprietary systems.


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