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Oil Spill Recovery Services


Equipment and accessories for emergency oil spill response and recovery. Our range of workboats have been developed for over 40 years to be a fast, effective and efficient workboat to deal with oil spill response emergencies. Our workboats also benefit from various attachments and equipment that deliver efficient solutions for speedy oil spill clean-up and recovery.


Oil Skimmers
Our oil skimmers can recover up to 30 tonnes of heavy oil per hour. By mounting the skimmer on our workboats' Mesh Scoop, the operator works with maximum maneuverability to recover any floating oil spill.

We provide quality, durable containment booms which can perform effectively in a wide range of applications and operating conditions.

Available in a variety of sizes, either foam filled or inflatable. Both these products meet the increasing demand for equipment that is fast to deploy, light and easy to handle as well as economical in use.

Dispersant Spray Unit

A de-mountable spray unit, hydraulically driven off the Water Witch vessel. Designed for easy attachment, the unit holds up to 600 litres of chemical dispersant. Dispersant solutions are designed to remove oil from the waters surface, to minimize pollutant effects.

Skip Barges

Heavy duty, high-capacity (10 to 16 tonne) transfer barges for the safe and secure storage of solid and liquid waste. Designed to be a flexible storage solution, barges can accommodate open top and closed tank skips to meet the specific needs of each application.

Basket Scoop
The general purpose Water Witch workboat basket offers a very effective means of clearing heavy surface oil and contaminated flotsam and jetsam.

Additional Oil Spill Equipment

Other ancillary equipment, including MOP recovery device, flexible storage tanks, oil absorbents, pressure washers, emergency response packs and transfer pumps are also available.

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