On-Site Blackbody Calibration Services



LumaSense Technologies, Inc. can schedule to have an experienced and dedicated Field Service Engineer come out to your site to perform the field commissioning and inspection. This includes troubleshooting and verification of calibration of various Mikron Blackbody Sources.

Mikron Blackbody On-site Calibration for models M300, M305, M330, M335, M360, M390

Blackbody Calibration sources are infrared radiators with fixed or adjustable temperatures, which are used for the calibration or verification of the correct temperature. Blackbodies are typically used to calibration infrared thermometers (pyrometers), thermal imaging systems, heat flux measurement systems, or spectrographic analysis systems. Depending on the model of the calibration source, single temperature points or temperature curves of an infrared measurement device can be monitored and recorded.

LumaSense Technologies, Inc. supplies a unique selection of very precise calibration sources that are traceable to national standards. LumaSense blackbodies are superior because of the emissivity values, homogeneous emission areas, and a wide range of different sized apertures to adapt to the desired target area. In addition, fast heat-up times and high temperature stability are guaranteed. The quality of our calibration sources is guaranteed by tests, burn-in times, and radiometric calibrations. On most models, a certificate is provided to document the traceability to the international temperature scale ITS90 and NIST.

On-site calibration reduces the risk of blackbody damage due to shipping, while providing traceable calibration with minimal down time. Regularly scheduled calibrations protect your devices and production line from long-term temperature measurement drift.

As the calibration source for all your operational temperature instruments, keeping your blackbody calibration source in spec is vital to ensuring optimal performance, maintaining product quality, and avoiding costly shutdowns. Our Blackbody Calibration Service ensures there is accurate temperature read-out and that the blackbody unit adheres to original factory specifications. Blackbody Calibration Services are ideally suited for larger blackbody units where shipping is difficult such as the M300, M305, M330, M335, M360, and M390.

LumaSense's field engineers will arrive on-site with to calibrate your blackbody source to a NIST traceable transfer standard. Upon complete of the service, a service report will be completed for customer acceptance.

Typical services performed on-site for these models

  • Calibration is checked against a NIST traceable transfer standard in the temperature range of customer interest or several points within the full range of the blackbody.
  • Adjustment of the temperature controller to bring the controller display back into factory specifications. If not possible due to some older controller models, a table of corrections will be provided.
  • On-site training on how to get the most out of your blackbody source in terms of reducing your calibration uncertainties as much as possible by proper interpretation and use of error tables displayed in the calibration reports.

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