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On-Site Chemical Inventory Services


Maintaining an up-to-date database of your chemical inventories is not only necessary for meeting compliance with OSHA regulations, but also crucial for supporting safe and effective chemical risk management in the workplace. As part of our recommended best-practice approach for ensuring an accurate SDS collection, SafeTec offers on-site inventory services — a solution that will bring concrete

Full-Scale Facility Reviews in a Complete and Efficient Manner
afeTec's on-site inventory includes:
  • Uploading your existing SDS data into our proprietary SDS management platform.
  • Conducting on-site, facility-wide systematic inventory reviews.
  • Categorizing and identifying the locations of all products.
  • Matching each product with your SDS information.
A summary report is generated, including:
  • The number of products encountered.
  • How many products had up-to-date SDS records filed in your SDS collection.
  • A list of products that were matched to a SafeTec catalog record.
  • The number of products encountered that were neither in the your collection nor in the SafeTec catalog.
  • A list of obsolete products.

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