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On Site Segregation Services

On 1st April 2011 landfill tax increased by £8 to £56 per tonne. For every 500 tonnes of waste sent to landfill that’s another £4,000 and a total landfill tax burden of £28,000.


There is an alternative - SITE SEGREGATION

Most waste can be segregated on-site to minimise the cross-contamination of waste in a mixed skip.  Whilst not the answer in every case (especially on a tight site), research has shown that very high recovery rates can be achieved with this option.

On Site Segregation

  • Landfill charges are increasing every year, on-site segregation drives down the cost of waste.
  • Segregating your waste will bring huge benefits to your business.  At Acorn Waste Management, our aim is to help your business recycle its waste quickly and efficiently through effective waste segregation.
  • We have a nationwide network of recycling centres and transfer stations giving us the choice and flexibility to source the ideal solution for you. At Acorn Waste Management, we work with you to keep the costs down.

Benefits of Site Segregation

  • Cut down on your direct costs
  • Maximise space, saving on the collection costs
  • Minimise the cross-contamination of waste in a mixed skip.
  • Less to landfill, cutting down on the production of harmful greenhouse waste.
  • Save energy by recycling waste into new products, rather than it going to landfill.
  • Re-use of wood and wood-based items like wooden flooring, beams, doors and skirting, fire surrounds and panelling will cut down on waste to landfill.

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