Quatrosense Environmental Ltd. (QEL)

On-Site Service


QEL’s highly-trained, factory-certified technicians have years of experience helping our customers protect life, property, and the environment. System commissioning, routine on-site calibration, and regular functional testing are all essential service requirements of any gas detection system.

Full system operation and reliability can only be ascertained by challenging each sensor with a known quantity of the target gas. It ensures that the client’s systems are fully inspected, and that the site-specific sequence of operation is verified and documented. This direct approach helps ensure that the client is in compliance with current health and safety standards. Regular service on life-safety equipment also demonstrates due diligence on the part of the client.

To see how QEL’s On-Site Service can help you, please call (613) 838-4005 extension 313, or fill in the form below.

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