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In-Pipe Technology increases OPERATING EFFICIENCIES by reducing influent organic loading and the costs associated with sludge handling and disposal, expensive chemicals, energy usage, and FOG. In-Pipe Technology reduces H2S odor and corrosion, extending and protecting the life of the existing infrastructure by converting the sewer collection system into an active, beneficial part of the wastewater treatment process.

CBOD Reduction

The graph shows the reduction in influent CBOD load observed at a 5 MGD wastewater treatment facility in Texas during collection system bioaugmentation. A 40% reduction in influent CBOD load was observed during February through June of 2013 (green line) compared to the same 5 months during 2012, before IPT treatment started (red line).

In-Pipe collection system bioaugmentation introduces capable microorganisms into the wastewater collection system in order to start the wastewater treatment process in the sewer system, reducing the load at the WWTP.

Total Sludge Reduced, Tons

35 MGD Facility Serviced by In-Pipe Technology

Figure 2 illustrates a 56% average reduction in Total Sludge produced at a 35 MGD municipal client using In-Pipe treatment. It compares the same 8 months in the year before and during In-Pipe treatment.

Figure 3 depicts accumulated energy savings for a 7 MGD municipal plant using In-Pipe, which enabled the facility to operate without a 500 horsepower (HP) air compressor that previously ran 24/7 for digester aeration.

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