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OPSIS Monitoring Services (OMS)



The air we breathe is vital, and it is important to monitor and control the air quality. However, owning and operating air quality monitoring stations can be a complex task, and requires resources, competence and equipment to ensure accurate monitoring data. As an alternative, OPSIS offers a reliable total monitoring solution that guarantees monitoring data with high quality and high availability: the OPSIS Monitoring Services (OMS).

OMS is a subscription-based service. With OMS, the subscriber can focus on using the data. OPSIS and its representatives set up the systems according to the subscriber’s requirements and specifications, and makes sure the monitoring data is delivered 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

The personnel operating the OMS are highly trained and skilled, and have long experience from operating gas monitoring systems for ambient air quality surveillance. All this knowledge is put into the OPSIS Monitoring Services.

  • Set price including establishment, operations, maintenance, potential repairs, and wind-down
  • All spare parts (if any required) included
  • No unforeseen costs for the subscriber
  • Accredited calibration available according to ISO/IEC 17025
  • Guaranteed data availability, typically >90%
  • Reporting services included
  • Utilizes the full expertise of OPSIS’ and its representatives’ staff
  • Data made available to subscriber via OPSIS Data Services (ODS)

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