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Oil is not always ”Oil“! With decades of experience we know that 72% of all bearing problems are directly related to improper lubrication either due to contaminated oil, rapid ageing, or unsuitable quality for use in high speed machines. Be pro-active, ensure you use a lubricant that is designed for the high mechanical loading, varying pressure, high temperatures, and exposure to oxygen and moisture in your machine. A reduction in lubrication film will be prevented if the correct lubricant is used and so prevent premature failure of the blower.

With the range of AERZEN Original Rotary lobe blower Oil you have the suitable solution in your hands for all operating conditions. These lubricants are up-to-date High Performance oils, selected by AERZEN and tested over many millions of operating machine hours to ensure their reliability. A high temperature stability and resistance to oxidation, a consistent viscosity/ temperature behaviour, and an excellent low temperature pourability, ensure full lubrication at all stages of operation and thus extend the life span of your blowers and compressors. A balanced selection of additives ensures corrosion and ageing protection of oil and the machines.

  • Less service necessary at longer service lives
  • High temperature and oxidation stability
  • Proven viscosity and temperature behaviour
  • Excellent low temperature pourability
  • Perfect protection against corrosion and aging
  • Guarantee of an optimal operation and longer service life of your blowers and compressors
  • Resistance to temperature, humidity and mechanical loads
  • AERZEN also offers  oils which are suitable for food products

  • No oil change after 500 Oh necessary
  • Extended oil change interval up to 16000 Oh

In respect of the miscibility with other lubricants, lubricants for use in the food industry and limitations of use please contact us, or refer to the AERZEN O&M manual supplied with the equipment. Our team will be glad to assist you in the selection of the correct oil for your application.

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