Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health, L.L.C. (CTEH)

OSHA Audit And Compliance


CTEH scientists have a broad range of toxicological experiences, including critique and evaluation of proposed regulations relating to chemicals in air, water, or foods; review and evaluation of animal toxicity testing studies; development of Reference Dose values for chemicals and proposal of revisions to existing values based on new toxicological data; critical evaluation of corporate health and safety plans; evaluation and coordination of the results of employee health monitoring and training programs; review and summarization of corporate Material Safety Data Sheets; and, evaluation of scientific literature for strengths and weaknesses for use in human health toxicity evaluation and risk assessment. In addition, CTEH toxicologists routinely assess human exposure to chemicals in the environment due to exposure to affected soil, water, or air, and evaluate potential health risks associated with the assessed exposures.

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