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Oxidizer Rebuilds Services


Durr MEGTEC, LLC (Dürr MEGTEC) can rebuild or upgrade your oxidizer to optimize its efficiency and performance, saving you energy costs and increasing reliability. Vintage Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs) may contain random-packed heat exchange media. By replacing this media with structured media, you can increase the capacity of your existing RTO, reduce its operating costs or modify it to handle inorganic particulate.


Capacity increase. The pressure drop associated with the random-packed heat exchange media originally used in older RTOs is very high when compared to today’s structured media. By replacing the randompacked media with structured media, the pressure drop across the unit is reduced, thus increasing flow capacity.

Reduced costs and increased thermal efficiency. Replacing media can also mean reduced operating cost and improved thermal efficiency. Lowering the pressure drop across the oxidizer at its original rated capacity causes the exhaust fan to operate at a lower brake horsepower, resulting in reduced electrical costs. In addition to reduced electrical costs, thermal efficiencies can be substantially improved.

Typical projects include rebuilds for:

  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers
  • RTO to RCO conversions
  • Catalytic oxidizers
  • Thermal recuperative oxidizers
  • Direct-fired oxidizers
  • Most other brands of oxidizers

Heat exchanger repair or replacement. Dürr MEGTEC can supply cost-effective direct replacement heat exchangers as well as customized units that address specific needs such as corrosive environments, thermal expansion or cleanability.

Heat exchanger rebuild configurations include:

  • Plate type
  • Shell and tube
  • Custom designed

Insulation/refractory rebuilds

  • Repairs or replacement
  • Ceramic fiber
  • Blanket
  • Castable
  • Spot repair
  • Complete oxidizer re-lines

Miscellaneous upgrades

  • Controls/operator interface
  • Burner and fuel train
  • Dampers
  • Fans
  • Motors
  • Drives

Other repairs

  • Interior or exterior cladding
  • Structural repair
  • Gaskets, seals, field instrumentation
  • Cold face repair
  • Inlet and outlet plenum repair
  • Fan replacement or upgrade
  • Stack replacement
  • Hot/cold bypass damper additions to allow an oxidizer to handle additional solvent

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