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Pilot Testing Service


Within CTP's research and development departments, every single one of our processes has been tested and tried. Thus ensuring that, CTP systems are optimised for many industrial production, refining and disposal processes. With pilot test plants, we can demonstrate CTP's air purification concept while using real waste gases.


CTP's pilot machine park offers solutions for almost every task in the removal of organic pollutants, or malodorous, toxic and hazardous substances as well as nitrogen oxides. CTP can also demonstrate on a test scale the economic use of liquid waste (as a combustible) to minimise operating costs or to produce energy.

CTP's pilot plants are available at short notice (within 2 weeks ex works). Our experienced research & development (R&D) engineers look after the pilot plants in CTP's head quarters as well as on-site. All CTP pilot plants permit modifications and adaptations. Combined tests on the production plant are also possible.

CTP's pilot plants serve as

  • Testimony to the efficiency of CTP's air purification process
  • Real-life demonstration to customers
  • Realistic evaluation of all influencing factors (such as pollution, corrosion, safety)

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