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Pilot Testing Services



Validation of the technological capacities of our equipments and processes in line with the specific requirements of our customers often requires on-site pilot testing. Our highly qualified engineers and technicians draw up piloting protocols aiming at demonstrating the technological capacities and establishing the bases of design for the treatment line. Ultimately, the results compiled after the piloting are used to establish the process guarantee of the project.

Veolia Water Technologies Canada relies on a wide array of piloting equipments and processes and we are able to send on site more than 8 different technologies, including:

  • Ballasted Floc Clarifier Actiflo for Drinking Water;
  • Ballasted Floc Clarifier Actiflo for Wasterwater and Stormwater;
  • Biological Aerated Filter Biostyr for Wastewater;
  • Gravity Filter Dusenflo (sand and anthracite or biological activated carbon);
  • Membrane System for Nanofiltration;
  • Thickener Actidyn;
  • Ultraviolet Disinfection System Wedeco;
  • Ozone Disinfection System Wedeco.

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