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PmB / Blue Shield Services

PmB / Blue Shield (Baytec) is a high grade twin component spray applied polyurethane elastomer of instant reactivity, installed to a minimum tolerance 80 MILS thickness. The elastomer film typically 100 MILS thick is free of filler, placticiser and solvent, quality is assured. The applied membrane is elastomeric up to 300% and retains physical properties through extremes of -43.6°F to +230°F. Excellent crack bridge ability. Adhesion to most substrates is outstanding. Tensile bond to concrete is measured at cohesive concrete failure. Based upon historical experience in approved installations, service life expectancy at this time is in excess of 20 years. Degradation has not been experienced, in approved usage. As PmB / Blue Shield (Baytec) is totally reactive, it is unaffected by prevailing temperatures, and damage by rainfall during installation. As the spray applied membrane gels instantly, it easily copes with difficult profiles, of any inclination and contour follows substrate conditions without problem.

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