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In the Netherlands LievenseCSO is one of the most fore standing and specialized companies in the field of design, engineering and consultancy of ports, harbours and waterways.

Typical services include conceptual port development in  foreign countries by taking part in consortia that are active in green field development, expansion or renovation of ports.

We participate in developing cruise terminals, ro-ro terminals, container terminals, oil(products) and LNG tank terminals.

Much effort is put in the important planning stage  of port development : traffic and commodity forecasting, phased planning, conceptual designs, cost-benefit assessments, feasibility studies, financial analyses and financing methods.

In the next stages of port development we design land reclamations, dredging works, breakwaters, quay walls, jetties, mooring facilities, shore protections, and terminal foundations, pavements, infrastructure and facilities/utilities.

Besides port development planning and design we also provide support in port operational management .

Navigable waterways can be part of any type of surface water: rivers, canals, lakes, lagoons, tidal estuaries and coastal shoals . The improvement of waterways in The Netherlands and abroad is an key field of activity for LievenseCSO.

Our knowledge and experience include analysing  tides, river runoff, storm surges, stream patterns  and morphological behaviour  supported by model simulations, as well as the navigability of waterways , the design of fairways , river channel dredging  and river training works .

Through our full subsidiary Port Management Consultants B.Vwe advise on vessel traffic guidance systems so that the optimum positioning of traffic signs and cameras result in safer waterways.

Besides predicting natural and nautical aspects of waterways LievenseCSO provides studies and designs of river engineering works and hydraulic structures such as shipping locks and sluices. Major projects over the last years include the preliminary design of shipping locks in the Seine-Schelde canal for Voie Navigable de France, as well as a number of large shipping locks in the river Meuse in the Netherlands.

As part of a national competition, LievenseCSO proposed an innovative plan to develop the IJsselmeer Dam – separating the IJssel Lake from the sea over a length of 30 km, with two navigation locks and discharge sluices – into a new Dutch Icon, fulfilling multipurpose objectives: durable energy, mobility, ecology and safety.

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