Prevent Services


Develop protocols to detect a broad array of potential threats, quickly contain situations, protect assets and minimize the effect and cost. The best defense is often a good offense. Whether you need large scale, on-site preparedness stations or help nearby and on-call, the BioWALL Team has earned a reputation for facilitating project-specific applications, which are designed to provide the best treatment options for each operation and site.

In equipping you with the technology and know-how to stay ahead of your challenges, BioWALL experts bring extensive real-world experience to test, identify, analyze, respond, and treat dangerous naturally-occurring and weaponized biological agents. The BioWALL team has designed, fabricated and implemented the largest-capacity mobile chlorine dioxide generation systems in the world and possesses the expertise to guide you in developing smaller-scale localized solutions and educating your teams on detection, containment and safety protocols.

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