Remosa - Recubrimientos y Moldeados s.a.

Remosa - Recubrimientos y Moldeados s.a.


Preventive Maintenance Services (PMS)


Status review and adjustment of cleaning cycle. Verification of electromechanical systems and elements. Checking for absence of leaks. Review of sludge level. Adjustment of sludge return pumping. Taking of affluent and effluent samples. Analysis in certified lab. Emptying of sludge.

Why the Need for a Preventive Maintenance Service?

To ensure the optimal operation of our equipment:

  • Treatment Plants.
  • Hydrocarbon Separators.
  • Water Regeneration/Reuse.

Exclusive Benefits of PMS for Our Customers:
PMS customers will have the exclusive Help Desk service at their disposal, which provides:

  • A priority phone helpline for breakdowns, queries on operation, possibilities for improvement.
  • Necessary replacements in their installation.
  • Maintenance periods.
  • Sending of documentation via email.

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