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Process Development Services


Build quality with efficient processes; Resolve specific biomanufacturing challenges and grasp opportunities for upstream and downstream process efficiency at every stage of development. Tap into more than 30 years of knowledge gained all over the world. Our team of industry-trained experts combine their applications knowledge to solve bioprocessing issues and empower you to solve them, too.


We start where you are

Wherever you are in your journey, our Fast Trak team of scientists can solve process challenges and design cost-effective solutions. See how mAbxience benefited from downstream process development services.

“To speed up the process optimization of the described biosimilar product, collaboration with GE Healthcare’s Fast Trak Services team was crucial for mAbxience.”

Collaborative Support

Our aim is to leave your team self-sufficient in using the process we help you create. The best way to do that is to work together right from the start with on-the-ground learning and support.

“We are very transparent with our customers. We allow persons in plant, which enables them to learn the processes on the equipment and the systems that they will be operating at their facility.”

Patrick Guertin, Global Technical Manager, Fast Trak Services


Scale-up and Tech Transfer

All great things start off small. With years of experience in transitioning from process development to larger scales, we can help you make sure your results are reproduced predictably by avoiding costly and time-consuming process design errors.

Communication between process design and manufacturing teams is a core component to successful tech transfer. Early cooperation leads to a smooth changeover.

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