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Our HI-FLO Surface Aeration System® is designed to improve wastewater treatment plant process performance and efficiency by improving mixing and mass transfer efficiency in secondary aeration tanks.

Our Hi-Flux System was developed to solve some of industry's most difficult mixing problems, like how to completely mix thixotropic fluids at reasonable power levels.

Lotepro Environmental Systems group is the largest purveyor of high purity oxygen wastewater treatment processes in the world.

  • Our UNOX System was the first and still the foremost brand name in wastewater marketplace
  • We have numerous innovative, cost effective biological nutrient removal (BNR) processes, like LINPOR-N, InNitri, and SHARON. This portfolio of BNR products has one very apparent characteristic: each process is specifically designed to get significantly more performance out of existing equipment with very little capital investment.
  • We also have one of the oldest and most cost effective wastewater sludge digestion systems capable of producing a 'Class A' biosolid product; the ATAD/Dual Digestion System.
  • InNitri
  • InNova ATAD

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