Studsvik UK Limited

Processing of Radioactive Waste


Studsvik offers the treatment of low and intermediate-level waste at its facilities outside Nyköping, Sweden, in Erwin and Memphis, Tennessee, US, and in Workington, UK. The Swedish facilities process dry and metallic waste from nuclear facilities mainly in Europe, through incineration and melting. The facility at Erwin volume treats wet waste using a unique proprietary pyrolysis process, THOR. The facility in Memphis processes dry waste such as General Waste (GW), Bulk Survey for Release (BSFR), and Large Components (LC). The facility in Workington treats low-level waste metal while at the same time recovers valuable metal for recycling. The primary purpose of the treatment is to achieve volume-reduction and stabilization of waste before disposal.


Scope of Services:

  • Processing of Organic & Wet LLW/ILW
  • Packaging for Waste for Transportation and Disposal
  • Denitration & Mineralization of Organic and Inorganic Radioactive Waste Streams
  • Incineration of Low Level WasteMetallic Waste Treatment
  • Bulk Survey for ReleaseWaste Repacking for Disposal
  • Non-nuclear Radioactive Waste and Material Service

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