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Produced water refers to water produced in the oil and gas industry in the course of extraction operations. Produced water contains impurities due to hydrocarbons and mineral substances, as well as heavy metals too in some cases, which occur in oil and gas reservoirs. Produced water is industrial waste – and in part also a recyclable raw material – which has to be treated and cleaned before being disposed of or re-used.

Bauer Water has set itself the goal of becoming a leading vendor of custom complete solutions which are advanced in design, fit for the future, sustainable and economical. Filtration, centrifugation, flotation and biological processes are the technologies it is employing to this end. As a partner to the oil and gas industry, Bauer Water offers a range of packages including complete DBOOT (Design, Build, Operate, Own and Transfer) solutions. The deployment of all available technologies enables substantial oil content to be extracted from the contaminated water and recovered on behalf of the customer.

Moreover, all processes are designed to further conserve valuable resources by saving energy. A project unmatched anywhere in the world is Bauer Nimr Oman, an enormous reed-bed treatment plant constructed by Bauer Water on a 1.8 by 3.3 kilometre site in the desert of Oman for the treatment of waste water from oil extraction. The project is an exemplary model of an ecological/biological produced water process. By employing this technique, Oman is adopting an eco-friendly approach to the processing of its oil resources. The biological treatment plant is located close to the country's most productive oil field. The preparatory works involved extensive earth movement and the cultivation of thousands of reeds. Stepped treatment basins provide the plant with a natural gradient. The contaminated water is cascaded through the basins and is subjected to biological purification. Residues produced include salt due to evaporation, which can in turn be reused for industrial purposes. The marketing of this salt is a key element of the project's financing. Bauer Water has also contracted to operate the plant for a period of 20 years.

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