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A continuous, reliable and robust source of water is essential to maximizing the production of non-conventional oil & gas extraction. The challenges of this industry are significant – safety, remoteness, extremes of temperature and weather and high operational costs due to difficult logistics amongst other factors. IDE’s solutions are based on our 20 years of experience. We deliver high reliability solutions that reduce Capex and Opex due to the flexibility and adaptability of our modular approach.

  • For steam-based treatments, IDE’s solutions deliver high quality distillate for maximal steam production, enabling higher efficiency from more oil production.
  • For non-steam-based treatments like shale gas, IDE’s solutions reuse the water to give a higher recovery with less make-up water, so saving costs.

Previously inaccessible sources of shale oil and gas are now becoming more accessible due to the advance of technology. SAGD is one technology that is changing the industry, but needs a continuous and growing supply of high quality steam.

Robust, reliable water evaporators that have the ability to deal with the chemical composition of the water, fouling conditions, scaling, silica precipitation and the remote environment of Alberta Oil Sands are critical to SAGD.

Using our market-leading expertise and experience, IDE is able to address the SAGD industry’s specific needs with cost-effective solutions that are resilient to extreme weather conditions, energy efficient, and easy to transport, build and deploy. In such remote environments we understand the need for ease of maintenance, high safety, fast recovery from upset conditions and lower installation costs. IDE’s solutions are closed cycle so there is less make-up due to high recovery.

Due to its unique horizontal design, the IDE Industrial Mechanical Vapor Compression unit can be modularized, with a fully operational system fitting a standard module size (24’ x 24’ x 120’). This makes it much faster and easier to transport and assemble, and reduces and limits the uncertainty of project delivery timetables.

Fast Assembly — Modularization, testing, and complete assembly of the systems are completed offsite. The units are delivered fully assembled and ready for installation on the equipment foundation, allowing them to start working sooner.

Easily Transported — Due to its standard modular size, the entire IDE solution is easily delivered.

Highly Cost Effective — Our unique design creates substantial cost savings by minimizing the high cost of onsite installation under difficult working conditions. The units are up and running sooner than traditional methods, enabling a faster ROI.

Lower Costs, Faster Installation
IDE’s industrial mechanical vapor compression units are engineered specifically for the Alberta Oil Sands market in order to minimize:

  • Costs of labor and materials for field installation
  • Applied foundation loads
  • Building enclosure requirements

In real terms, this means that upon arrival to site:

  • IDE’s units are positioned and anchored to their foundation within 2-3 days
  • Interconnecting feedwater, brine and distillate piping spools and modules are installed within 2 weeks
  • Electrical, instrumentation and control connections are installed within 2 weeks
  • Start-up and commissioning are completed within 2 weeks

The water that is a by-product of the Coal Seam Gas industry often has difficult water chemistry, such as scaling & silica precipitation. Given the remote environments, extreme conditions, environmental regulations and health & safety concerns, treating this water in an effective, efficient and reliable way is critical.

IDE delivers efficient and mobile solutions for the Coal Seam Gas industry that reduce Capex and Opex. They are based on our 20 years of experience and are flexible and adaptable to a wide variety of environments and situations. The high reliability of our units delivers highly cost-effective water treatment solutions.

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