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- Environmental Process Containment (EPC)


With safety, environment and cost efficiency a leading concern in today’s business world, the EPC systems fit right in line with a “ProGreen Program”, the majority of waste water and buildup are contained when cleaning exchangers or loosening and removing bolts from an in-line flange for service.

The system is under a constant vacuum during entire line drain process, producing an innovative product that provides protection for your crew during line service events.

The EPC technology allows waste water, sediment and vapors to be routed to ProGreen vacuum truck with vapor control while protecting your personnel, surrounding equipment, piping, etc.

In fact, with a EPC system installed, costly spills and cleanup is kept to a minimum!

  • 1st break for flange and in-line applications
  • De-inventory process piping (line draining)
  • De-commissioning pipe services
  • Exchangers and fin fans, etc…
  • Process cleaning of piping
  • Flange containment
  • Valve Containment

  • Eliminates Slurping
  • Under Constant Vacuum
  • Minimizes exposures to personnel
  • Easy to manage environmental protection
  • Reduces Air Flow To 50 SCFM with 411 GPM
  • Reduces most exposure to chemical contamination
  • Reduce or eliminates flying debris and high pressure spray
  • Allows waste-water to be routed to containment vessel or vacuum truck
  • Allows access to general work area while washing services is being performed

  • Saves cost of constructing & dismantling expensive backdrops, pans, slabs, etc
  • Containment eliminates need for costly cleanup and replacement
  • Allows valuable, heavy equipment to be cleaned in place
  • Protects valuable equipment and instruments
  • Creates less chance for environmental spills
  • Reduces barricaded or restricted areas
  • Reusable cleanable equipment
  • Minimizes project downtime

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