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There are many factors involved in determining the overall benefits of an Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) and Smart Grid Systems.

  1. Improved Management of the Utility Grid
  2. Open access to the Grid stimulating use of efficient, clean, distributed, alternative sources of energy
  3. A grid that is more robust and reliable
  4. Improved rate structures
  5. Reduced theft - identify orphan accounts and active but unbilled accounts
  6. Uncover errors and limitations of existing Legacy Systems and Database’s
  7. Operational Savings including Meter Reading Savings
  8. Increase Revenue (especially where mechanical measurement is used such as water meters)

Understanding the benefits, costs and technology available for the type of utility (electric, water, gas) is also very important.

It is very important to understand the current AMI technologies available to monitor, measure and control your utility parameters. It is also important to understand the capabilities of the software used to analyze and help manage the tremendous amount of data produced by a Smart Grid.

Not only will you have to decide whether to upgrade or replace your existing CIS/Billing system but other legacy systems as well. There is a new generation of software being developed to mine the tremendous amount of data that will be generated from the new AMI and Smart Grid technologies and help manage and control the system.

TritonAMI can survey your existing system throughout your service area and determine its condition and capability and the capability of your existing legacy software. We will explain the capabilities and benefits of upgrading your system and the new technology and software available to help you determine your future goals.

We will then provide estimates of the costs and savings associated with a program that will meet your requirements along with the associated benefits.

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