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BioPlanta supports its clients in every range of site and project management. BioPlanta´s experience and expertise in the management of sites include: Data acquisition, assessment and documentation of contaminated sites. Historical investigation and soil exploration of contaminated sites. Analyzing risks and hazards. Planning of decontamination operations. Supervision and coordination of exploration and decontamination. Project controlling.

Site characterization
By investigating hazardous sites, the potential environmental risks are evaluated and assessed. The investigation of the contaminated sites can be divided into the steps:

  • historical investigation
  • exploratory investigation
  • detailed examination

The site characterization is carried out using innovative and cost-effective analytics on

Recultivation and redevelopment concepts
BioPlanta develops innovative concepts for recultivation and redevelopment of devastated areas like former opencast mines, landfill sites and even major road works. Part of the planning involves greening and maintaining the sites in order to re-integrate them into the surrounding landscape.

Waste disposal concepts
BioPlanta develops site-specific concepts for the decontamination of affected sites. For decontamination of large areas, BioPlanta uses cost-effective in situ strategies. Hot spots on contaminated sites are removed before a biological decontamination can be started.

The regular monitoring of the decontamination progress and the contamination itself in the surroundings is integral to the overall decontamination concept. Based on current concentration of contaminants, the environmental risk is reevaluated. The parameters of monitoring are the concentrations of contaminants in soil, ground or seepage water, gas or dust emissions. BioPlanta employs cheap field methods and automatic sensors in the monitoring concept to produce high quality data at low costs.

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