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Project Management Services

The Project Management Group (PMG) was established as a dedicated division that focuses on the oversight and resolution of your environmental and construction projects. At Interactive, our team of professionals has widespread construction and site cleanup experience and offers a full range of consulting services to support the sustainability goals of your organization. The PMG provides solutions to our enterprise customers, as well as future partners.

Site Services

  • Demolition and Plant Decommissioning
  • Remediation
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Emergency Response
  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant Maintenance
  • Equipment
  • Maintenance, Repairs and Operations Supplies
  • Cutting Fluid Management

Environmental Consulting

  • Compliance and ISO Audits
  • OSHA, DOT and RCRA Training
  • Water, Chemical and Sludge Reduction
  • Process Improvements and Engineering
  • Energy Management and Auditing
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Design, Build, Own and Operate (DBOO)

Success Stories

  • Lagoon Soil Remediation/Battery Manufacturing Facility Demolition
    Over the course of two years this battery manufacturing facility was demolished while Heritage Interactive Services worked seamlessly with on-site contractors to ensure the loading, transportation, and disposal of contaminated soils and facility debris did not interfere with daily operations. During this project, over 50,000 tons of PCB contaminated soils were removed from the site, as well as various other hazardous materials that were generated during the demolition. Additionally, various other site projects occurred including managing the logistics of the removal of the hazardous wastewater treatment sludge and the management of significant recoverable lead commodity. Heritage was able to provide on time delivery and streamline the disposal and transportation of all material so that the site team was able to focus on the operations of the plant demolition.
  • Decommissioning of lead-impacted sludge tank
    Heritage managed the decommissioning of a 250,000-gallon wastewater treatment clarifier tank. The project needed to be completed within one week due to the requirements of a property transaction. The tank required the utilization of a confined space procedures for the cleaning of the lead-impacted sludge. Heritage was able to staff the project with appropriately trained personnel within a short lead time which assisted in completing the project within the allotted time. Cleaning, transportation and disposal were coordinated so that daily operations of the plant were not interrupted and minimal involvement of the on-site environmental engineer was required.
  • Cleanout of filtration tanks
    Heritage coordinated the clean out of two 10,000 gallon filtration tanks on short lead time. Two filtration tanks, essential to the daily operations of a large automotive parts manufacturer, were malfunctioning due to build up of sludge. Within five days notification, Heritage was able to allocate the appropriate resources in order to meet the customer’s requirements. The labor for this project was completed over the weekend so as to not disrupt facility manufacturing operations.

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