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R&D and Pilot-Testing Services


In addition to assisting and managing our customers’ needs, R & D in the industrial waste treatment field is an essential part of our daily work. Even in today’s modern high-tech world, countless tons of valuable resources are wasted every day without consideration of reuse potential. We consider this an opportunity to innovate; creating a solution that will be beneficial to both our clients and the environment. During the testing processes, samples of the recoverable products are generated at each stage, and we like to encourage our clients and the relevant authorities to analyse and evaluate these test samples as they wish directly from our R & D team.

The ability to witness pilot tests and study materials throughout our various treatment processes is invaluable as it gives our customers a first-hand look at the performance of the VacuDry system and its supplementary processes such as high temperature treatment, stabilisation, humidification and so on. Together we aim to seek out the ‘hidden gems’ inside the client´s industrial waste streams. Our goal is to help our clients reduce their costs by reusing resources, ultimately increasing profit while minimising environmental impact. Let’s go treasure hunting together!

  • Cutting-edge research for new waste streams and resource recovery technologies
  • Development of new process technologies, as required
  • Sampling and physical/chemical analysis of test results
  • Fully-equipped lab with VacuDry units plus further thermal treatment options
  • VacuDry units available for on-site trials with our experts

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