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EnergySolutions emergency response teams possess technical expertise as well as practical experience—qualified, experienced personnel with a radiological, chemical, and biological response background. EnergySolutions has more than 200 trained radiation protection specialists. We can mobilize people from offices and facilities throughout the U.S. and abroad.

EnergySolutions’ multi-disciplinary Rapid Radiological Mitigation Team (RRMT) can be on location within hours to organize, assess, control and manage the response to a radiological emergency. In operation since May 2004, the RRMT comprises 11 companies representing a broad range of specialties needed in a radiological emergency:

  • health and safety specialists with radiological and industry safety and health instrumentation,
  • dosimetry technicians,
  • health physics technicians,
  • laboratory technicians,
  • protective equipment and supplies, and
  • decontamination experts.

Other companies are continually evaluated for addition to the team to further expand the resource base.  Under EnergySolutions’ leadership, the group is prepared to respond quickly to incidents of radiological contamination, wherever they may occur nationwide.

EnergySolutions offers readily adapted, existing technologies, facilities, equipment, and procedures specifically designed for radiological rapid/emergency response and site D&D/remediation, including:

  • Mobile Analytical Laboratory Trailer (MALT)—a mobile, self-contained, diesel-power-capable radiological analysis laboratory housed in a 42-foot trailer that can be on-scene, staffed, and operating in a matter of hours.
  • Over 100 detailed procedures for radiological and hazardous operations, including emergency response procedures and others addressing site characterization, non-destructive and minimally destructive decontamination, solid and liquid waste collection/treatment, and waste processing/disposal
  • A $7 million inventory of field characterization instrumentation (e.g., hand-held and man-portable detection devices and monitors), DD&R equipment [e.g., scalers, scabblers, and high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) units], and personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • A 24/7/365 hotline for disaster response (1-877-723-7767)
  • ALPS Terminator systemMobile, skid-mounted ion exchange liquid low-level radioactive waste (including radioactive effluent/ stormwater) processing systems, that can be combined with special vehicle and wastewater treatment systems that could be affected directly or indirectly from an event
  • Wet Waste Pack-N-Vac, a technology that can be used to remove air and water from waste as it is packaged for disposal at the site
  • Own, maintain, load, and transport the largest fleet of NRC Type B and DOT 7A/Type A casks in the world (13 Type B and 73 Type A) for transportation and decay storage of recovered radioactive materials
  • Own and operate a large fleet of tractors (more than 70) and trailers (more than 250) available and dedicated to contaminated material and waste transport, with more than 110 million miles safely driven
  • RCRA Part B permitted hazardous/mixed waste services at our Clive, UT, and Bear Creek (Oak Ridge, TN) commercial facilities, with processes such as waste sorting/segregation, decontamination, metal melt, solid and liquids incineration (including biological waste incineration), liquid waste Hittmansolidification, sewage treatment, source encapsulation, supercompaction, box- and bulk waste assay, and bonded storage
  • A nationwide mobile license for radiological D&D and response actions that has been successfully applied in multiple states for radiological emergency response and source recovery projects
  • Dura-Solution™, an aqueous solution that dislocates radioactive ions and won’t degrade IX resin or foul carbon beds (unlike acid-based solutions or soap); features a 50:1 water-to-concentrate ratio for easy storage
  • SafeCheck program for verification of no detectable radioactivity on metal or concrete surfaces
  • Bulk Waste Assay Program (drum, B-25 box, and intermodal or SeaLand quantities), comprising fixed and mobile technologies for volumetric assay in multiple geometries, used to verify free releaseClive or inexpensive Subtitle D disposal.

EnergySolutions brings to the team more than 20 years of experience providing emergency response services to customers in a wide range of situations, including

  • providing radiological emergency support during a vaporized source recovery at a major petroleum refinery
  • mobilizing a rapid response team to recover contaminated metal mistakenly sent to an industrial metal recycling facility
  • providing responses to alarms and detection of radioactive material in railcars, scrap metal yards, and melting and casting facilities
  • securing radioactive sources and material at DoD sites

EnergySolutions Responds to Plutonium Spill

Most recently, EnergySolutions responded to a plutonium spill at a national laboratory.  We were responsible for decontaminating approximately 2,500 ft2 of laboratory space and 150 ft2 of office space resulting from a broken vial of dry, powdered plutonium sulphate.  We mobilized an advanced team to the site within 24 hours of award and had a full team with equipment on-site within two weeks.  The project was completed under close scrutiny from regulators with no first aid or recordable safety events.

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