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Spent granular or pelletized activated carbon can be recycled by thermal reactivation. The spent carbon is processed through a high temperature reactivation furnace at or above 850°C. The adsorbed organics on the carbon are thermally decomposed. The resulting gases are fed through an afterburner and a treatment system to allow emission to atmosphere in accordance with most stringent environmental regulations. Recycling by thermal reactivation is an environmental responsible method that helps to reduce CO2 emissions over the activated carbon and contributes to a sustainable use of the world’s resources.

As an environmentally responsible company, Jacobi has invested in two new facilities in the USA and Europe that will regenerate spent activated carbon. Our plant in Europe is located in Premnitz, Germany and is a plant to be proud of. With over 8000 MT of annual capacity, including the ability to perform custom reactivation for potable and food grade carbons, the Premnitz reactivation plant is certain to cause a buzz in the industry for many years to come.

Meanwhile, our new carbon plant in the USA (located near Baton Rouge, LA) is also unique, in that it is a spent carbon regeneration plant – where the adsorbates are removed from the pores of the spent carbon, and by keeping the majority of the original pore volume of the carbon intact. This new proprietary technology can be developed quickly and inexpensively in other areas where carbon regeneration is needed, and surely will become a potential economic and environmental bonus for our customers.

  • Jacobi Carbons Services (Europe) GmbH, Premnitz, Germany
  • Jacobi Carbons Reactivation Services LLC, Saint Gabriel, LA, United States

Both facilities provide a similar services:

ReSorb Pool

ReSorb SC: granular carbon specifically designed for the adsorption of low molecular weight organic compounds from liquid phase

ReSorb HC: granular carbon specifically designed for the adsorption of higher molecular weight organic compounds from liquid phase

ReSorb VT: coarse activated carbon specifically designed for the adsorption of volatile organic compounds from gas phase

ReSorb Solo: Dedicated reactivation and return of our clients’ spent activated carbons. Reactivation is done according to individual specifications agreed with our clients.

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