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Real-Time Safety Performance Management


Safety planning and implementation of Safety Management Systems (SMS) are key steps in the processes designed to mitigate and contain risk in Airline operations. The aviation industry is setup as “system of systems” where a large number of variables apart from airlines make up the whole. With so many different organizations and companies involved, the system becomes very complex which allows many mechanisms to relate directly and indirectly to the SMS. VisionMonitor Software collects, aggregates, and transforms disparate safety information to provide a real-time dashboard view of safety performance.

VisionMonitor Real-Time Safety Performance Management Solutions allow airlines to anticipate potential risks by being both predictive and proactive in their Safety Management System. Automatic collection and aggregation of data from across the organization defines the logic behind the management of current and historical data and provides a view of future risk. By analyzing key safety performance metrics and trends over time, users can discover areas in need of further attention and understand the effectiveness of corrective actions taken.

Improve the performance of your SMS and enter the world of proactive safety management. Collect, analyze, and interpret safety information in real-time with VisionMonitor Software.

  • Collect and analyze safety data from a variety of disparate sources in real-time.
  • Provide proactive monitoring of the Safety Management System
  • Interact with a dashboard of real-time key Safety Performance Indicators (SPI)
  • Analyze detailed data behind safety performance metrics in a single web based interface
  • Leverage existing technology investments and insure proactive monitoring of the Safety Management System

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