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Recalibration & Repairs

Apogee Instruments recalibrates Apogee pyranometers, quantum sensors, infrared radiometers, and spectroradiometers, as well as, other companies' silicon pyranometers and quantum sensors and black-body pyranometers. Visit www.apogeeinstruments.com/recalibration-and-repairs for details. For maximum accuracy, we generally recomend all sensors be recalibrated every two years.

Visit www.apogeeinstruments.com/recalibration-and-repair/ for RMA information.

Model and serial numbers are found on a white label on sensor cables, on the back-side of meters, or on the underside of spectroradiometers.

Please send all RMA sensors back in their original, unmodified condition:

  • please clean the sensor’s exterior and cord
  • do not modify the sensors or wires, including splicing, cutting wire leads, etc.
  • if a connector has been attached to the cable end, please include the mating connector – otherwise the sensor connector will be removed in order to complete the repair/recalibration


To determine if recalibratiion is necessary for pyranometers and quantum sesnsors visit our Clear Sky Claculator at www.clearskycalculator.com or download the mobile app.

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